Being in Churches of Christ, most of my faith walk I have done communion nearly every week for many years. It is a sacrament that has been repeated in my life often not just on a Sunday but also on special occasions. Communion was present at our wedding as an important symbol of the participation of God in our marriage. Each week I allow myself to be led by the Spirit in remembering, celebrating and immersing in the mystery of the Eucharist. Richard Rohr writes…
The Incarnation Mystery is being repeated and represented in the Eucharist. Here we have material reality, in the form of these universal foods of bread and wine, as the hiding place and the revelation place for God. We are reminded that God is always perfectly hidden and perfectly revealed in the material world. This is the Cosmic Christ presence.
If we deny that the spiritual can enter the material world, then we are in trouble, since we hope to be just that—spiritual and fully material human beings. We had best encounter Incarnation in one focused, dramatic moment, and then the particular truth has a chance of becoming a universal truth, and even my truth.
Through the practice of mindful repetition we have an opportunity to grow deeper in faith and remembrance, becoming one with Christ.