Most Christian cultures make a much bigger deal out of Christmas than Easter. It is easier to celebrate a birth than a tortured death and resurrection. Easter is a solemn celebration; we cannot celebrate the victory over death without remembering the terrible road walked by Jesus to get to the cross. Babies being born on the other hand is wonderful, notwithstanding the pain and complexity of delivery. That new baby smell, miniature fingers and squishy faces, a creature so tiny and vulnerable. It is beautiful to watch families gather and embrace a new life, a life as yet unwritten, a life of hope and promise.
That is how Christmas starts, with hope and promise. We have hope of a salvation, we have the promise of a savior, and it is a moment of Joy.
Yet, even in this story of a mother and father with some shepherds gathered we see a glimpse of what is to come. Through the gifts of the wise men we are reminded of the fate of this tiny life. Christmas, ultimately, is about deliverance. God’s son, among us, to restore humanity, so we can be with him eternally.
We have a hope, a promise, a joy, and all are delivered through him.
Merry Christmas!