March to Easter

As we March toward Easter, the pancakes of shrove Tuesday have been eaten, the ashes of Wednesday have been worn. The soulful journey towards the joy and wonder of the Resurrection has begun. The season of Lent, the season of self-examination is upon us. We are rapidly approaching what is both a celebration and a somber memorial moment that is the death and resurrection of our Savior. Easter is nearly here.

As the shops fill with eggs and bunnies and many of us have way too much chocolate I am challenged by the idea of Lent. Giving something up to help focus on God. It seems like a great idea and yet it becomes so easy to become focused on the things you are giving up rather than the thing God gave up for you, his Son.

Lent is about internal reflection, spending a focused time remembering Jesus sacrifice and allowing it to change us. It isn’t just about giving up something like coffee or Facebook. ‘Rather it is about the focus that giving up those things allows us to have. This year, rather than giving something up to focus on God, I am taking something up. The practice of the Lord’s Prayer, in a reflective way. It’s only been a few weeks and already I can see the calmness and focus on God spreading to other areas of my life. I encourage you as we build toward the Easter season to try the same.