The Psalms

I love the literary depth and breadth of the Bible, and in particular the Psalms. I find that when things are going well, the day is sunny and all feels right with the world. Psalms 95 and 98 encapsulate the praise and joy I feel in my heart and act like an amplifier, increasing the state of praise. When things feel like they couldn’t get any worse I read Psalm 119 and remember that I am not alone in my suffering. The best, most uplifting, hope-filled times are when I sit with the Psalms and the Spirit in either good or bad circumstances and allow the peace that passes all understanding to fill me up.

There are times as a Christian, as a human, where things aren’t going as well as we would like, our expectations have been smashed by the world, or ourselves, or even we feel let down by God. Throughout the Psalms I take solace that this is a true part of life and that we don’t have to smile the entire time. We do have a joy and a hope that does sit with us in these times.

How does God bring out joy and hope in you?