The purpose of the church

This week we had the second conversation with a group of pastors from Churches of Christ about “church planting”. It was a brilliant opportunity to come back to the very basis of why we do what we do. To boldly ask the question: Why start churches at all? Churches have started for many reasons, some as trivial as people didn’t like the music.
The major function of the Church was to support the mission work of the Kingdom of God. And we have one mission, according to Jesus. We are to make disciples. (Matt 28:19)
Making a disciple doesn’t stop at conversion but continues as a lifelong process. We are being continually perfected. (Phil 1:6)
Jesus started his ministry by calling disciples. At the end he died on the cross, told his disciples to make disciples, and then sent the Spirit to help us make disciples. The Church is a place that helps train and equip, recharge and refocus disciples and ultimately be a place to gather together in worship of God. The point of the Church is not itself but to do the work of the Kingdom, to make disciples.
How are we reminding ourselves of this on a daily basis?