Over a period of years, our thoughts and dreams have revolved around what Church can be beyond a Sunday. Imagine moving past Sundays of segregated worship into mission being about living life together.

And ‘together’ is built into God’s plan. One of the first things God notices about his creation of humanity is that it is not good for anyone to be alone.

A village is a community of people who know one another, live together, and who work together for the success of the village. For us, our Village is also working for the good of the Kingdom.

For many people Church has become about sitting, singing and sermons. We believe that Church can be and is so much more than this. We encourage everyone to be involved in worship, life and mission not just on a Sunday, but every day, whether they are 3 or 93.

We believe that God wants more in worship than our voices, that worship is handmade and heart made. It requires something of us. God wants us to transition worship from facing the front to facing the world.